jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008

Revista (IN)Secure Magazine nº18

Ya se ha publicado el número 18 de la revista (IN)Secure Magazine. Los contenidos de esta edición son:
  • Network and information security in Europe today

  • Browser security: bolt it on, then build it in

  • Passive network security analysis with NetworkMiner

  • Lynis - an introduction to UNIX system auditing

  • Windows driver vulnerabilities: the METHOD_NEITHER odyssey

  • Removing software armoring from executables

  • Insecurities in privacy protection software

  • Compliance does not equal security but it's a good start

  • Secure web application development

  • The insider threat

  • Web application security: risky business?

Podéis descargar el ejemplar pulsando aquí.

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